Hacktivist group, Anonymous allegedly uncovered planned terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS) in several countries which includes Paris, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon on November 22, Sunday, reports say.

OpParisIntel, Anonymous’ counterattack mission against ISIS issued a statement Saturday, claiming it had uncovered some information regarding terrorism plots to attack Paris and the world.

The statement warned people to avoid attending events with large crowds most especially church services although “the risk of any churches outside Paris/France being targeted is low”, the statement further added.

It also reiterated that the goal is to make sure that the whole worlds, or at least the people going to these events, know that there have been threats of terror attacks which could happen anytime.

Later on, a twitter account which is allegedly closely associated with the hacktivist group, Anonymous denied any connection to the statement.

“We did not spread any rumors about possible future ISIS attacks, and frankly we do not know where the rumors came from, “@YourAnonNews tweeted, November 21, 2015.

isis members

In a related report, the Islamic warlords are said to be targeting and plotting terror attacks in different eight locations as Anonymous revealed ISIS’s plan for a “world day of terror”, this November 22. The hacker group managed to hack into the terrorist group’s secret data network.

The hacktivist declared war on the jihadis, who are also known as ISIL and Daesh, in the wake of the Paris attacks just last week which left the world mourning for the City of Love.

The places targeted by the ISIS also include the WWE Wrestling event at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and an American Heavy Metal band’s concert to be held in Milan, Italy.

The women’s rights demonstration was cancelled after French President Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency in the wake of the killings linked to terrorism. The French parliament agreed to extend it to three months which includes banning street demonstrations such as this.

Anonymous, which is identified with its trademark mask, said that some events may not be 100% confirmed as at risk. The hacktivist group claims to have passed on all intelligence to security services around the world stating, “They have it and it is their responsibility to do something with it.” The group also added, “We only take the responsibility of warning civilians (in case the authorities do not act well enough).”

The hacker group who are considered to be online crusaders against the ISIS were believed to be behind the closing down of thousands of Twitter accounts linking to the terrorist groups after the Paris attack.

In the aftermath of the Paris attack last week which left 129 dead, Anonymous declared an all-out cyber war with the Islamic State. Also earlier this year, following the terrorist attacks in various countries, the hacker group took down a number of social networking accounts with links to the terrorist group, ISIS, later declaring that the cyber world belongs to them and not to ISIS.

In an earlier news, November 19, the secretive hacktivist group issued a different statement which said: “We love people. We love you. We love Diesel, we love Lebanon, we love Paris.” Anonymous had also made a vow to continue hacking ISIS accounts in revenge for the death of Diesel, the dog killed by terrorists during a police raid last week.

Following this, thousands of jihadist recruiting accounts on social media had also been shut down. Anonymous had leaked details of at least five men it claims as ISIS recruiters as well as taking down 5,500 more Twitter accounts.



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