In the past years, global events have been on the verge of disaster. At first, it was all just an economic skirmish involving some European countries and Russia.  Anonymous haking

This developed into a serious conflict in Ukraine, complete with the presence of US and European military personnel in the region.

However, during the Arab Spring, this conflict was over shadowed as Syria’s protests turned into full-on war from a simple string of protests. The Syrian war continues to be a major conflict in the world to this day.

The creation of ISIS in Styria put the world at risk of terrorist attacks. ISIS extremist state that was later formed proved to be a force to reckon with as far as global safety from terrorist attacks is concerned.

Anonymous world war 3

At the moment, Russia and the USA are butting heads in a proxy war in Syria as both countries are now in the war but with different views.

The US wants the Syrian regime out and ISIS to be stamped out. Russia wants the Syrian president to remain in power while ISIS is wiped out.

While all this has been unfolding, Anonymous hackers, a group of Tech Savvy hackers whose mission is to suppress unjust governments in the world, has been posting video after video that have hinted at the possible eruption of world war 3.

The group has been a strong opposer of the United States and its policies on the war in the Middle East as well as local events like the November election.

In a recent video, Anonymous advises the world to stand up against the US system, summing up their message in the opening lines: “When you have a government that uses limitless power, when you have a government that turns the police into a military power, when you have a government that looks at you as the enemy.”

The group also warned the people about the pentagon’s view on the impeding war.

logo hackers news bulletin



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