Things have taken a new twist in the war between Iraq and ISIS as Iraq builds a robotic vehicle that is armed to the teeth. The robot is expected to be vital in the intended attempts to take back one town that is under ISIS control.

According to Defense One, the war robot is the size of a car and resembles a tank. For its assault, it comes with a machine gun and rocket launcher as its main weapons.

To control the robot, the operators will be able to monitor it using four cameras mounted on its sides. These allow the operators to control the machine from a distance of 1 kilometer.

It is not completely as safe as a drone operation which can be done thousands of miles away. The operators will still have to be on the battlefield, but this will allow them to hide while the machine does the fighting as the battle rages on


The manufacturer of the robot, which has been dubbed “Alrobot” (Arabic for robot), is not clearly known. Two brothers have been cited as the creators by Baghdad Post but even here their names have been kept hidden. Neither where the organisations they work for mentioned.

According to one Twitter user, the robot was first shown during a security and defense exhibition in the city of Baghdad over 18 months ago.

A lot of details about the robot have been left to speculation owing to the fact that only a little information has been divulged by the authorities. It is not clear, for example, when the army will deploy the robot or whether they intend to come up with more.

The deputy director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, explained a little about the use of the machine. He explained that will be used to retake Mosul, a Northern Iraqi country taken by ISIS in 2014.logo hackers news bulletin



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