Creating a mysql user is a very common task and a very important one.

Many developers after creating a user grant them all permissions over a mysql schema and this can be a big security flaw.

When you are creating a user you must think of all permissions that user will need and grant them the correct permissions.

But let’s start creating our user:

create user [email protected]'%' identified by 'Gr34tPa$$w0rd' ;

With this command we have created a user with the username ‘hacker’ and a password ‘Gr34tPa$$w0rd’

Let’s analyse each part of the command.

create user 'hacker'@'%'

Here we can choose the username that we want and after the @ sign we can choose his location. We have used the ‘%’ because we want that hack can connect this Mysql Instance from all over the world. Now if we want the user to only connect from local computer we should use:

create user 'hacker'@''

Or Only from a specific IP Address:

create user 'hacker'@''

The rest of the command is pretty easy to understand, we simple provide the password we want to assign.