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Windows 9 Leak shows it is better than 8

I think this is the post for which, you are waiting, as it reflects a BIG change in your latest Microsoft Windows Version (Windows 9). Everyone was blaming the Start bar features, as it was not like, which comes upto Windows 7, BUT Microsoft thought about this deeply and going to release their something like old Start Bar again in ...

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NSA threatened Yahoo for $250,000 per/day fine, IF it is not sharing users’ info

Till Now, Only former NSA Employee Edward Snowden was revealing the NSA secrets—How they Spy on people and snooping on them every time, but now same thing done by Yahoo which is a most popular Internet Company. The whole news just end with a few lines—The US government threatened Internet giant with a $250,000 fine per day several years ago ...

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Nearly 5 Million Gmail accounts’ credentials leaked online

Today, a news came out about the hack of Gmail accounts hacking, in which hackers dumped a database of nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords to a Russian Bitcoin forum late Tuesday. So, it also can be a fake hack, but according to some tests on the leaked credentials, found that they are working. The news came out from ...

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Wait Over for Apple iPhone 6, SEE PICS and SPECIFICATIONS

Apple has been announced by Official on September 9, means tomorrow and I was busy in exploring more about the iPhone, and now, I decide to share some cutting pics from the Official presentation. These pics will help you to imagine the iPhone in your hand :p Below are the Configuration of the newly launched iPhone 6 and I think ...

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HealthCare.gov server hacked to launch DDoS Attacks

According to a recent disclosure by a government security team researchers, Health and Human Services (HHS) server that supports the Obamacare website HealthCare.gov was infected with a Malware. The HHS said that the Malware was designed to launch “denial of service” attacks against other websites, still the good news is —none of the evidence proves that there is such a ...

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Nude Photos of 100+ Celebrities hacked and leaked online

Last Sunday, someone from the hackers community did a stuff that is said to be a biggest impact on the celebrities’ personal life. One of the hacker leaked nude pics of the Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence online. Not just the Jennifer affected with this leak, if we take a look of the leak statement online by the hacker, then we came ...

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Anonymous calling strike tomorrow for #OpFerguson

Anonymous the worldwide hacktivist group calling everyone for a state-wide general strike for this Friday, 29 August. This strike is a tribute and for justice for a young boy named Michael Brown, who was died after shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. It was later disclosed by the Anonymous group of hackers, that in the shoot a policeman involved, but name was ...

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ICREACH: A Search Engine made by NSA, containing your Metadata

This is said to be a master plan behind the collection of personal documents by NSA and recording our every personal stuff, as it is revealed in latest revelation by Edward Snowden that a “Google-like” search engine built to share more than 850 billion records about phone calls, emails, cellphone locations, and internet chats, according to classified documents obtained by ...

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Bomb Inside the Plane: Hackers threatened a Flight through tweet

Today, the thing happened that is really enough more than a hack, as today a tweet just threatened all the authorities containing FBI and others. A plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley was forced today to divert and land ahead of schedule after a hacker group on twitter claim about to had explosives on board. That was the ...

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