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Anonymous Reveals ISIS Plot to Attack Paris, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon

anonymous Hacktivist group, Anonymous allegedly uncovered planned terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS) in several countries which includes Paris, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon on November 22, Sunday, reports say. OpParisIntel, Anonymous’...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: November 23, 2015

Step By Step Guide in case Microsoft TeredoTunneling Adapter has a driver problem

teredo tunneling On the internet, each computer connected needs a unique address or identity. IPv4 and IPv6 are IP Protocols that assign the IP address. IPv4 is the most common protocol. The number of IPv4 addresses is limited. IPv6 gives us an incalculable...

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By: Hacker News | in: News |Online Security | on: November 10, 2015

sMails belongs to CIA Director found and will be available online shortly

wikileaks cia New in hacking world, An Anti-secrecy and transparency organization known as Wiki Leaks revealed to have contents related to CIA Director John Brennan's personal AOL email account. The contents of mail will soon be available online as told by...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: October 24, 2015

New Hack On The Block With Siri and Google Now!

siri hack Have you ever witnessed your phone making different calls send text messages and internet browsing without your permission and authentication? It might be possible that a hacker hacked your phone and using your phone in fact your personal...

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By: Hacker News | in: Apple |News | on: October 16, 2015

It´s Oficial!! Google Becomes Alphabet

google Alphabet Alphabet is now official and it is based upon the fact that it is led by strong leaders and independent module. The idea of Alphabet is about the combining all the synergies under one roof as ideated by founders Larry Page and Sergey...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: October 6, 2015

Bypass Hack still not resolved by the latest IOS update 9.0.1

ios update On Wednesday IOS devices received an update with version 9.0.1 where the update still failed to solve the various bugs in the system. The very famous of all is the lock screen bypass. This bypass is the major vulnerability in iOS these days....

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 27, 2015

CISCO routers infected with backdoor malware called SYNful

cisco hacked Recent times have revealed a presence of a malware named as SYNful Knock in the Cisco Routers that are compromised and possess a great security threat.  The program is embedded in to router illegally through a device’s firmware which could be...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 20, 2015

Ashley Madison top 100 are the easiest passwords that existed on internet

ashley madison password In the recent hack at Ashley Madison revealed an uncommon thing, people used very easy to crack passwords at the most coveted site to cheat partners. All those accounts that got hacked at Ashley Madison used such easy and convenient to them....

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 15, 2015

WhatsApp’s got Hacked and over 200,000 people’s personal data in danger

whatsapp hack Just a phone number can help hacker compromise your personal data, the latest in cyber-attack world is hack on WhatsApp’s web based services. WhatsApp has become a channel for a lot of people to communicate free of cost. WhatsApp web is the...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 12, 2015

Mozilla’s bug tracker targeted by hackers to attack Firefox users

firefox hackere Bugzilla which is most coveted bug tracking system by Mozilla foundation got hacked and the group of hackers was able to steal bit of information about Zero-day bugs which was unpatched as revealed by Mozilla Foundation. According to the...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 7, 2015