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Sony Hack 2014 TIMELINE

Sony Hack The notorious cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has been one of the most embarrassing in the history for the major organization. The hacking continues to cripple the company as confidential information like emails, employees’...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: News | on: December 17, 2014

Anonymous Hacker Sabu First Interview after becoming an FBI Affiliated Hacker

Anonymous Masks People Members of the biggest vigilante group online "Anonymous" operates in complete secrecy. They choose to have their lives in shadows as they are wearing masks in protesting publicly. Its members are hacking government and companies computer...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Anonymous Anonymous Headlines | on: December 16, 2014

Anonymous revenge for The Pirate Bay: Hacked Sweden Govt. Emails

The Pirate Bay As recently The PirateBay servers were seized in order for infringement of copyright policies, this is hardly a week ago the incident happened, but the World Wide Anonymous Group wake up to take the revenge of this seize. The group hacked...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Anonymous Anonymous Headlines News | on: December 15, 2014

BEWARE: Downloading Sony Pictures Hacked Documents Can Bring Feds to Your Doors

120614_1321_CyberAttack3 Sony Pictures “The Fast and the Furious” series is hacked, and it seems like hacking will go on continually. The cyber criminals got their control over lots of data from Hollywood Studio and have been releasing them online with label “Gift...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Safety Tips | on: December 14, 2014

Swedish Police raids The Pirate Bay server and took that Down!

piratebay down It is a bad news for The Pirate Bay lovers, as it was taken down, after the Swedish Police raided the site's server room in Stockholm and seized several servers and other equipment. If you were the one, who was accessing The Pirate Bay and found...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: News | on: December 12, 2014

Hearing Aid Hacked to Listen WiFi

hearing aid hacked Early this year, Frank Swain started using a pair of Starkey Halo hearing aids after a decade of his gradual loss of hearing. This Bluetooth-connected device that streamed wireless from iPhone is one of the most high-tech hearing aid device in...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: News | on: December 11, 2014

Florida Government Websites Hacked by Group Anonymous after Controversial Ban of Feeding the Homeless

Anonymous-Hackers-jpg   Anonymous hacker group shuts down two websites of Florida in Fort Lauderdale in response to the banning of feeding for the homeless. gov and FortLauderdale.gov were offline several hours on Monday but gets back later that night Fort...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Anonymous Anonymous Headlines | on: December 7, 2014

Warning! Android phones coming with Pre-Installed malware, Which is non-removable

Android Malware In this Android World, everyone having that, but one thing still matters in these latest Android Phone> from where its manufacturing is, as this question comes into rise when anyone found a Malware inside his/her phone, which is sending your...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Android Android Malware Safety Tips | on: December 4, 2014

FBI Warns of a new Malware Attack that can override hard drive data

FBI Malware FBI steps in to warn businesses of 'destructive' attack by hackers, as it emerges that Brad Fitt's Fury has been illegally downloaded 1.5MILLION times since it was stolen in Sony Pictures hack The FBI is having an investigation with the...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Malwares | on: December 4, 2014

Hey Uber’s Android App is Not “Literally a Malware”

UBER App Despite of what you may have read, Uber’s Android App is not “Literally Malware” One blog post ignited a strange and worrying headline this week: “Uber’s app is literally malware,” declared a thread on Hacker News. Although a...

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By: Praveen Kashyap | in: Android Safety Tips | on: December 2, 2014