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Bypass Hack still not resolved by the latest IOS update 9.0.1

ios update On Wednesday IOS devices received an update with version 9.0.1 where the update still failed to solve the various bugs in the system. The very famous of all is the lock screen bypass. This bypass is the major vulnerability in iOS these days....

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 27, 2015

CISCO routers infected with backdoor malware called SYNful

cisco hacked Recent times have revealed a presence of a malware named as SYNful Knock in the Cisco Routers that are compromised and possess a great security threat.  The program is embedded in to router illegally through a device’s firmware which could be...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 20, 2015

Ashley Madison top 100 are the easiest passwords that existed on internet

ashley madison password In the recent hack at Ashley Madison revealed an uncommon thing, people used very easy to crack passwords at the most coveted site to cheat partners. All those accounts that got hacked at Ashley Madison used such easy and convenient to them....

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 15, 2015

WhatsApp’s got Hacked and over 200,000 people’s personal data in danger

whatsapp hack Just a phone number can help hacker compromise your personal data, the latest in cyber-attack world is hack on WhatsApp’s web based services. WhatsApp has become a channel for a lot of people to communicate free of cost. WhatsApp web is the...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 12, 2015

Mozilla’s bug tracker targeted by hackers to attack Firefox users

firefox hackere Bugzilla which is most coveted bug tracking system by Mozilla foundation got hacked and the group of hackers was able to steal bit of information about Zero-day bugs which was unpatched as revealed by Mozilla Foundation. According to the...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 7, 2015

Jail broken iPhones users, Beware of world’s Biggest Malware attack

jailbroken Nearly 250,000 apple accounts have been stolen by hackers which are valid and used for many apple users across world. This hack took place with the help of a malware named as KeyRaider. This malware works mostly on jail broken devices which...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: September 2, 2015

Hack revealed Big Names at White House, Security Staff and Federal employees as users of Ashley Madison

ashley madison hack In a hack that took place at Ashley Madison data, revealed hundreds of emails that belong of state government officials. These emails were used by these officials to cheat on their spouses. These people are from every part of the federal...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: August 24, 2015


facebook privacy “Digi-Crims can easily scan the population of a country to find targets” claimed by a security researcher. Ways to exploit an important feature to gather personal data belonging to the users on Facebook has been figured out by Technical...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: August 20, 2015

New to cybercrime, Cyber Flash on your phone

cybercrime A 34 year old lady was shocked to see an indecent phot flashing at her mobile screen. The entire incident is under investigation. According to the sources , Ms Crighton- received two pictures of a man’s private parts on her mobile device...

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By: Hacker News | in: Apple |News | on: August 14, 2015

Bank account set up for raising funds by 10 year old for sick children got hacked

Noelle Gregoire Recently a ten year old girl bank account got hacked, this was not the ordinary account as this girl from Massachusetts was raising funds for toys and other utilities for sick children. The ten year old with benevolence in her heart was...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: August 7, 2015