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Track your friends with this Facebook Hack

Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack How would you feel like if your fantasy world of Harry Potter is comes live in front of your eyes. Harry Porter reminds you of Marauder’s Map which used to tell whereabouts of Characters as they roam in classrooms and in corridors of Hogwarts...

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By: Hacker News | in: Facebook Hacking |News | on: May 28, 2015

iPhone got Crashed that too with just a text Message

arabic sms iphone   Another bug in IOS history that can crash an Apple device is something that is threating Apple users these days. This message contains special characters. They are experts in attacking Macs. OS X is unable to process the same string and...

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By: Hacker News | in: Apple |News | on: May 28, 2015

Android user’s emails are flooded with 15000 Spam Emails

android spam You always have checked your emails on your smart phone, what will happen if it gets thousands of spam emails and flood your inbox. Many Android users are putting their private information at risk as their mobile devices are locked by some...

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By: Hacker News | in: Android |News | on: May 27, 2015

100,000 U.S. taxpayers information Retrieved by Data Thieves – IRS

Irs hack Till date data thieves were involved in accessing your bank account details and other personal information, now they are after your Tax information as well. American Consumers were left in surprise when they got to know that about 100000 U.S...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: May 27, 2015

Uber Cab Users account details got leaked on Dark web

uber leak British users got charged for rides they dint even booked or make. US authorities are investigating into this matter as Uber cab application is hacked. The minicab services says they found no such confirmation from users about such security...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: May 26, 2015

Blogger revealed Adult Friend Finder Data

adultfriendfinder A serious data breach has come up in news , it is about the popular site adult FriendFinder, this is very known website to find friends ,sex, flings and hookups. People who had this thought in their mind that they are using a service which is...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: May 25, 2015

Benefits of completing CCNP course with Cisco Certification

cisco ccnp Cisco Certified system proficient (CCNP) being a propelled level of certification from Cisco, it has by a long shot and expansive turn into a critical certification in the corporate world regarding systems administration. Taking the CCNP...

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By: Hacker News | in: Information Technology Jobs |News | on: May 25, 2015

Android phones unsafe , Can I delete forever Private Text, Message or Video?

Android Unsafe Daily mail reported that almost 500 million people are putting their personal information at risk. As it is revealed that personal information cant be removed from phones even if they are dead. It is impossible to clear data from...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: May 24, 2015

Yemen hacked computers and got Saudi-Arabia’s Secret documents

yemen hacked Yemen have not expected this, Yemini hackers intruded 3000 computers and servers belonging to Riyadh’s foreign, interior and defense ministries and got high priority confidential Saudi Arabia documents which includes list of spies . Yemen...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: May 22, 2015

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are facing a big problem in protecting internet users from hackers.

google security Big technology company players like Google Inc., Microsoft Corp, and Apple Inc. are facing a big problem in protecting internet users from hackers. . Firstly they fixed a bug that can disrupt internet for many websites. We are looking for...

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By: Hacker News | in: News | on: May 21, 2015