On the internet, each computer connected needs a unique address or identity. IPv4 and IPv6 are IP Protocols that assign the IP address.

IPv4 is the most common protocol. The number of IPv4 addresses is limited.

IPv6 gives us an incalculable number of IP addresses amounting to 2^128. TeredoTunneling Adapter is nothing but an interpreter that translates IPv4 into IPv^6 and vice-versa.

Microsoft Teredo Tunnel Adapter Driver

This is a step-by-step guide for installing the Microsoft TeredoTunneling.

  1. Go to Device Manager or hold the Windows Key while pressing R. This opens the run dialog box where you can type hdwwiz.cpl and run it.

teredo tunneling

2. In Device Manager click on network adapters and in the Actions tab click Add legacy hardware.

network adapters

3.  After clicking on a series of Nexts, go to common hardware types. In the manufacturer’s tab you need to select Microsoft and then under Network Adapter tab click on Microsoft TeredoTunneling.

manufacturer4. Click on the consecutive Next buttons and finally click finish.

5. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove all malware from your drive. The premium version of this anti malware is highly recommended.

6. Scan all drives and rootkits using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This process takes 4 to 6 hours of time. After scan is over, all infected files are quarantined.

7. In case the Teredo Tunnel errorpersists (yellow exclamation mark), then open regedit from run dialog box (press windows key and r).

run 8. Right click on Disabled components in the right pane. Select edit and set DWord value to zero.

9. After the above step, restart your computer. Teredotunneling adapter should start now.

In case you get a Teredotunneling adapter code 10 error, then open command prompt. Write the following code: ‘netsh’; ‘intteredo; ‘set state disabled’; press enter after each command. Minimize command prompt and open device manager and show hidden devices tab. Uninstall TeredoTunneling Pseudo-Interface. Close device manager and restore command prompt window. Write the following commands and press enter after each just like before: ‘netsh’;’int ipv6’;’set teredo client’. Reopen device manger and look into the hidden tab to find TeredoTunneling Pseudo Interface back on the list with the yellow mark gone.





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