Hacker groups began to flourish in the early 1980s with the emergence of computer. Hackers are like predators that can access your private data at any time by exploiting the vulnerabilities of your computer. Hackers usually cover up their tracks by leaving false clues or by leaving absolutely no evidence behind. In the light of the recent hacks that took place, you must be interested to know about the groups who pose the greatest threats to our cyber security. It’s very hard to remember which group of hackers is responsible for which attack because of the great number of breaches that take place on daily basis, but there are three groups which pose the greatest threat to our cyber security, they are(in no particular order) listed as follows:-

1. Lizard Squad:-
Yes, Lizard Squad is the same group who ruined the Christmas of many people. Because of their attacks a lot of people couldn’t use their Playstation or Xbox gaming consoles on Christmas Day. The group took down the Playstation and Xbox networks by breaching Sony and Microsoft networks seeking attention and rage from the users. Lizard Squad is not considered a sophisticated hacker group because of their mischievous attacks. In August 2014, this group, through its Twitter platform, claimed that there were explosives on an American Airlines flight that had only John Smedley , who was then the president of Sony Online Entertainment, on board. The plane then, had to divert its route and make an emergency landing in Phoenix. Companies that rely on the Internet to conduct their business are greatly threatened by this group. This group loves to be in the headlines and that’s why it targets the sites of high-profile organizations.

2. Chaos Computer Club:-
The Chaos Computer Club was formed in Berlin on September 12, 1981. It’s the largest association of hackers in Europe. The group describes itself as: “a galactic community of life forms, independent of age, sex, race or societal orientation, which strives across borders for freedom of information….” This group gained popularity when it hacked the German Bildschirmtext computer network and debited 134,000 Deutsch Marks from a Hamburg bank, proving the fact that the security system was deeply flawed and returned the money the next day. Their goal was to create as much chaos as possible. Now, however, they are working with companies and lawmakers to make this world a better place. And by doing this they are making a new prototype in hacking.

  1. Deep Panda:-
    The name may sound cuddly but Deep Panda is a very dangerous group of hackers. This group of predators appears to be sponsored by the Chinese government and has been tied to many attacks during the last year including the one that happened at CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike also claimed that the group was sending malware to organizations across all the critical and strategic business verticals in United States. Deep Panda is considered one of the most enlightened hacking groups which are operating these days.



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