“We have too many systems on which this year’s election rely. The problem is that our enemies are aware of this and they may be willing to play around with them,” said FBI director James Comey during a Judiciary committee hearing meeting held at State House. He added: “ A number of bad guys have tried their luck with the voter registration process.

“The voter registration and Voter systems in the United States are
two different things. The voter system is not particularly easy to hack.

It involves dispersed units and it can be clunky,” he added. “The system is not connected by the internet. However, the voter system is linked over the web.”

There was a similar warning that was issued just last month. It stated that there was a compromise with one of the election boards in one state.


There were several attempts made on other boards as well. Authorities have continued to observe more attempts afterwards.

The FB director did not specify who he was referring to when he said ‘bad actors’.

However, he did state that the FBI has different scanning operations. This might be an indication that there was preparation for a large scale serious attack.

Comey encouraged the different states to ensure that they had their deadbolts and that they should always get updates from DHS to make sure that their systems are always secure.

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