In the current era, hacking has been a major source of unrest in the world. However, hacking has reached a whole new level now when the future of nations is being affected by unethical hacking.

Hacking Olympic sites in Brazil in protest to the negative affect the Olympics had on the Brazilian population is just a small example of hacking because what was just claimed made everyone stand on their tip-toes: Russian agents hacked US voting system before presidential elections.

According to a highly classified National Security Agency (NSA) report, it is believed that Russian intelligence agents interfered in the transparency of 2016 presidential elections of the United States. Acting to this revelation, authorities made an arrest of Leigh Winner who is a contractor from Georgia.

Russian agents hacked US voting system

It is claimed that she leaked confidential material on May 9th 2017. She was charged with the possibility of leaking this confidential material to news agencies. As director of communications at the Intercept, Vivian Siu did not identify the role of Winner in this conspiracy and said that the news was provided to them anonymously.

The leaked NSA report states that despite denial from Russian authorities, there is convincible matter to suggest the interference of Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) in helping Russian agents to hack US voting system.

Denying this possibility, Obama’s administration maintained its stance over the accurate preventive measures taken to positively defy any chances of hacking in the system.

Russian hacked US voting system

Although the report does not name a specific company accused of cooperating with Russian agents; however, the product names and references directly lead to a company known as VR systems based in Florida. This company helped to maintain transparency in electronic election campaign in 8 states of the United States.

Denial or disbelief, the claims that Russian agents hacked US voting system has questions and concerns raised on the administration of the US. An important statement is to be issued on this dilemma by the former FBI director, James Comey in front of the intelligence committee of the US senate on Thursday.

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