Although the airwaves are currently filled by jubilations from Trump’s camp and regretful speculation by team Hilary as to what caused her shocking fall in the just ended US election, there is a new story flying around that needs to take all the attention at the moment.

On Tuesday, National Security Agency director, Admiral Michael Rogers, commenting on the WikiLeaks information release about the DNC, said: “We believe a nation-state made a conscious decision to unleash these attacks. There were specific results aimed at.” He continued, ”There was thorough planning in these hacks, and it was not a casual undertaking. These are not incidents of chance, and the targets were carefully selected.”

Most people found this statement stunning. There were different remarks from high US officials as a result of this pronouncement.

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The Admiral was basically saying that Russia had a direct hand in the US election with a specific goal in mind. Speculation points to the undermining of the confidence that the people have in the US electoral system, and the election of Donald Trump as possible goals.

It is clear that Admiral Rogers was implying that Vladimir Putin tampered with the democracy of America. This is something that should fill every front page of every news publication, preferably followed by investigations.

It can only be hoped that right now, intelligence and law enforcement agencies are seriously digging for information to shed more light on the case. Apart from that, it is important that the citizens of the USA be informed about all the findings of the investigation.

The problem here is that even if the probing of the FBI and CIA and all other intelligence bodies found anything worth knowing, it is not guaranteed that they will share the findings with the public.

Hack ElectionSuch operations remain hidden from the public eye and ear because of the classified nature of the involved information.

Law enforcement investigations, on the other hand, can have the findings released to the public, but only if there are indictments and even then only information directly linked to those indictments will be shared.

The purpose of such investigations by the CIA and others is not for public enlightenment or security assurance. Congress fill that spot.

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