Barely a year has passed since Google launched its program of linking Indian railway stations with free Wi-Fi.

The tech giant has embarked on a mission to expand the idea to the entire world. There will be fast Wi-Fi in cafes, malls, and similar public places. The new program has been dubbed Google Station Free Wi Fi.

During the second part of the Google for India event held in the Indian City of New Delhi. Caesar Sengupta, the vice president of Google’s Next Billion Plan, revealed that Google would allow anyone on board so long they had a reliable internet connection.

The idea for Google station free wifi sparked off the successful relationship Google had with Indian Railways. The partnership saw free Wi-Fi provided to railway stations in India.

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At the moment, there are about 3.5 million people connecting to the World Wide Web via the initiative. Further claims suggest that there are 15,000 Indians accessing the web for the first time thanks to the Google Stations on a daily basis.

According to information appearing on the company’s website, people are encouraged to connect with the company to talk about how they can best make the internet available to more people. Everyone loves a buck, and so Google plans to offer financial rewards to those that will partner with them.

“We will have partnerships with big organizations, venues, network providers, fiber optics companies, along with infrastructure companies,” says the company’s website.

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