This New Android Malware entices the users into downloading it from the Google Play Store. The cell phone automatically installs this malware without informing users about the danger. The number of mobile phones effected by this virus were approximated to be around 6 lac.

On a collective scale, more than 20 lac android devices have been infected through a list of around 4 false information giving applications, especially game guides for famous games like FIFA mobile or 8 ball pool. Check Point has reported that all kinds of fake apps are available on the Play Store.

Android malware

Around 20 lac Android Phones effected!

According to an analysis, the very first False-Guide was discovered on Play Store in early 2016. It was uploaded in February and had taken over more than 600,000 mobile devices in less than 60 days. More fake apps followed the trend later that year.

False-Guide apps appear to have Russian Origins!

According to Check Point reports, there have been multiple applications lying in the False-Guide category that have been developed by Anatoly khmelenko, who is a famous Russian developer. Malware is often developed under fake names.

The names used for a batch of these reportedly Russian apps were Sergei and Nikolai, indicating the developers to be from Russia as the names make it clear. These apps take control over devices by following botnet procedures and can end up controlling the device entirely.

falseguide Android malware

Working Method of False-Guides:

These applications install themselves on a person’s mobile. Before that, while the application downloads from the store, it requests the user for administrative rights of the device which most users provide without any hesitation. That’s exactly when the malware starts to gain control over every activity the phone does.

Most Malware automatically registers itself for cloud messaging and notifications. This service is used by app developers of multiple platforms to interact and send attachments. The messages often contain links to other dangerous viruses that may aid in your device’s demise.

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