These recent research reports have been given by a group of researchers going through data from the World Wide Web at Palo Alto Network. This research has been made to ensure Internet Security. According to the findings, hackers have been reported to make new alterations to their Adware, making it more lethal than ever. Results were compiled by testing samples of the updated Adware.

The report has specifically focused on “Edwind”. It states that the new changes done by hackers has made the adware something more than ordinary.

android apps cloned by hackers

It’s more than another adware in the market now. It is actually a fully functional Trojan, to the least, taking its toll at all kinds of Android applications. The person utilizing it could take control over your personal device, alongside its data in no time.

The exact words of the blog writing stated, “Ewind is more than simply Adware. Ewind is, at very least, an actual Trojan – subverting genuine Android apps. The actor behind this activity can easily take full control of the victim device.”

During the tests being carried out on these samples, researches got to know Edwind more clearly as they found out that it can carry out more than one operations at a time and destroy the victim’s Android device in multiple ways.

Malware Android Devices installed

Once the intruder gives himself the liberty of administrative rights, he can take over the device and perform tasks like locking or unlocking the screen, displaying ads on the screen and stopping the device from installing new applications.

Edwind has a wide range of hacking tasks that it can perform, one of them is making android apps cloned with malware. Once it does that, it can get full access to your personal messages and may take out any desired data. Hackers can also steal phone numbers and written content from the device in just a few seconds.

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