Chipotle has been one of the most famous Mexican grills in the region and has been known for having a specific taste that their customers adore. It has been in the news for different reasons in the past as well.

Previously, it had caught attention and lost a considerable margin of its sales when a scandle involving food safety issues of the franchise came out. However, this time, the issue appears to be of a different genre.  Officials from Mexican Grill reported to the media and Wall Street analysis experts that their payment system was hacked by an unknown intruder recently.

“We want to make our customers and investors aware we recently detected unauthorized activity on a network that supports payment processing for purchases made in our restaurants,” the CFO of the company explained while addressing analysis experts in a recent presentation.

payment system was hacked

The intruders carried out these activities between 24th March and 18th April according to the internet security experts that monitored the situation.

The Chipotle Market share CMG was assured safety after installing an additional layer of digital security. According to Chipotle officials, they have been collaborating with multiple cyber security implementation companies alongside law enforcement agencies to get a better insight on the issue.

Chipotle payment system hacked

Last year, the food safety story had been keeping Chipotle in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The company was about to reach its highest financial outcome by the time that story came out, damaging the overall profits and results to a very high extent. However, Chipotle bounced back from that setback and improved the situation to earn a total revenue of an increased 28%.

The company has in fact become more focusing on food safety issues than its actual taste development and menu improvisation. The management team has recently launched campaigns on multiple platforms to ensure their food safety factor to customers all over the country. After the Chipotle payment system was hacked, it has been trying to get back to its feet as soon as possible.

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