MovieBox is the most frequented app for iOS users around the globe, and we will teach you how to get MovieBox for iOS  8.1.1 without Jailbreak.

The streaming and downloading of videos, torrents, televisions shows, and movies on the go directly to their Apple devices have never been so easy. Its popularity is no match to similar video streaming alternatives like Netflix, Popcorn Time etc.It’s free subscription-based video streaming capabilities and the convenient well thought out services makes it the first choice for Apple iOS users.

With more and more new iOS versions being launched like the new iOS 8.1.1, the new Apple iOS version 8.1.1 is itself a much-awaited upgrade from the previous versions. It is convenient and user-friendly.

There is a lot of improvement in its performance, it’s faster and smoother. Apple fixed a lot of bugs which created a fuss in the (previous iOS versions) making it a very neat and stable program. But will your favorite video streaming app-MovieBox work?

We know you are worried about its working and the likes. How to download? Will it work? These are quite common of you people to enquire. So we are here to your rescue. We will ensure that all of you can enjoy this app without thinking about jailbreaking.

Jailbreak has rather become a headache for iOS users. So we have ensured that you do not have to jailbreak to enjoy this app to its full potential. We will provide you with all the answers and solutions to your questions and end your curiosity in this article. All we care about is to stream videos anywhere and everywhere even with this new iOS from Apple.

First of all, yes, MovieBox definitely works in iOS 8.1.1 smoothly without jailbreak! We think this is enough to lift all of you up. If you want to experience it yourself just follow this simple procedure:

  • Go to safari on your Apple device.
  • Then open It is the website containing the installation window.
  • Press the inescapable ‘Install app’ button.
  • The iOS of your device will open a confirmation box. Confirm it! The most important thing to do.

movie box


Then check your home-screen for the download to start. It will take some of your precious time. Though the time it will take will not go to waste. Wait for the download to finish and you are good to go!

Enjoy the features of the app. The personalized options, the versatility and the most important free video streaming service right on your fingertips.

We have tried and tested the procedure a number of times and we assure you that it works in iOS 8.1.1 though it may not work in all iOS devices. There is also news of to release another update of this app which will be better.

So, it’s good news in tandem for iPhone lovers. And here we are always supporting and updating you with all the necessary tit-bits so that you have a priceless experience using your precious and beloved iPhones.



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