As technology advances, security also proves to be among the greatest concerns both to users and manufacturers. Sometimes, building secure tech can mean sacrificing optimal operation, but Apple found the line between the two in its latest instalment of the iOS.

The tech giant is infamously known as a secret vault when it comes to details about its products. But, in an unexpected turn of events at WWDC, the company unveiled an unencrypted instalment of its iOS 10. By the words of one of Apple’s spokesperson, the kernel of the operating system was left open deliberately to allow the company to offer an optimised operating system without weakening its security.

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The kernel is the most important part of an OS. For Apple’s iOS, it works to keep devices secure and restrict apps from reaching certain parts of the iPad or iPhone. In the past, Apple left the kernel protected by a number of walls. This move will allow security experts to study the system better and expose bugs much faster.

Jonathan Zdziarski, who is an iOS expert said in an interview: “More experts will now be able to detect bugs and report them which all works out great for everyone since they now have as much access to the system as any major research team.”

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Tech Review says Apple’s move could make it harder now for government security wings to hack into phones as with the device of the San Bernardino shooter. That’s because there will now be more people dissecting the OS to find bugs and have them sorted out. This means users will enjoy more security and better-running devices.

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