With the erstwhile system of streaming and downloading movies and TV shows turning dysfunctional of late. You might be left over a haze of confusion as to how to go on with the task, switching to an alternative procedure thereof. The previous movie access used to be routed through MovieBox 3.2 which won’t just budge at present.

Eventually, the need for seeking an alternative channel has been growing among movie fans at large. PlayBox 1.3 has risen to the task of finding a solution to this ‘impasse’. Movie streaming and downloading are no longer a bother for anyone!

PlayBox 1.3– an App to be downloaded in your iPhone or any other similar device operative on the iOS 8 platform, it resembles MovieBox 3.2 channel in as much as it enables you to stream and download movies and TV programs straightway in your handheld device without having to pay for it unlike payment based ones such as Netflix etc.

But, the basic edge it enjoys over its MovieBox 3.2 counterpart lies elsewhere. In a few select systems such as Unix etc (the technical being typically used by them), a whole new ‘jailbreaking process’ is incorporated that removes hardware restrictions on Apple operating systems, iOS on any device playing it by means of the various hardware and software exploits.

The iPhone, iPhone Touch as well as the second generation Apple TV are among those rendered compatible with the above-named process. It allows root access to the iOS file system along with relative system manager thus facilitating the download of additional applications, themes, and extension options not workable on the official Apple app store.

The process is developed with an eye to enhancing the privilege of free access to both software and hardware exploits made available by other device manufacturers as well, save those mentioned above. Other associated facilities such as iTunes, App Store etc are also made handy over and above the basic functions of making usual phone calls.

The unique side of PlayBox 1.3 is that, it is free from jailbreaking and does not have to take recourse to any such restrictive process. The features offered by the app are as follows:

  • It can work over any wireless internet connection viz 2G, 3G, 4G/ Wi-Fi.
  • The app is always updated with regular library inputs for streaming and downloading videos, television shows, and even movies.
  • It gives subtitle support and chrome-cast support.
  • There is even an option to download videos straight from Youtube. This is something which is unique and can come handy.
  • It has a dedicated ‘Kids Mode’ for keeping away children from unnecessary contents.


So all in all, it has all the necessary ingredients to be the perfect alternative for Moviebox.



To download the app first you will have to go to Safari on your iOS device, then to After this you have to tap on the available App store link, this will execute a dialog box, just confirm it. If it does not work try all the four links under the App Store button. One of the links should work on your device.

Though testing of this App returned a fifty-fifty result, the app worked in some and didn’t work in some devices. So, it may or may not work on your device. But nevertheless, you should definitely try it.