The iOS 8.1.2 version is no longer the bastion of movie or TV show-crazy users as it used to be until the recent past. In straight terms, this overwhelmingly popular and most frequented access for streaming and downloading films, torrents, TV shows, animations, cartoons etc has ceased functioning due to some unknown reasons.

So this all too sudden jolt is bound to make the intent web maniacs look for a ready at hand alternative-workable and purse friendly at the same breath!

MovieBox on iOS 8.2 platform has recently stepped into the fray with a whole new range of movie download as well as streaming facilities without hassles. It is just the same old wine in a new bottle, of course without losing out on its habitual ‘kick’.

Similar apps like PlayBox, ShowBox etc offers the same free service, but the popularity of MovieBox is unparalleled. It was, it is, and it will be the most famous video streaming and downloading app for Apple iOS users.

Then comes the question of it being legal, is it legal? They are offering videos and movies that we enjoy anywhere. These are copyright materials that we use and see without the owner’s permission and literally nothing to spend from our purse as it is free. This can’t be legal anywhere on the earth. So we do not advise the use of such an App. The risk is yours for the taking.


Coming to downloading this App, it is rather a very simple process nothing complex. Just follow these steps:

  1. First open vShare from Safari on your iOS device.
  2. Then after the link opens, a window will be displayed containing two options: Download ‘unjailbroken’ and Download ‘jailbroken’.
  3. You have to select download ‘unjailbroken’ button. Doing this vShare will be side-loaded.
  4. You have to launch vShare now. After launching you have to press the icon (magnifying glass) on the corner of your screen.
  5. Then the next thing in line will be to search ‘MovieBox’ in the search dialog box. Now you will have to wait for some time as their servers are a little slow.
  6. After the search result is given, tap on the required search result item ’MovieBox’ and press the download button on the bottom-middle of your iPhone and you are done.
  7. After the download is complete which will definitely take some time, it will notify that it is downloaded, then again click on the link to get it installed on your iOS device.
  8. A notification will come when it is installed.


Et Voila, you just installed the ‘MovieBox’ app for iOS 8.1.2 without any jailbreak.

The new system is avowedly a full-proof one having been subjected to rigorous checks and tests so as to make it a zero-error package. It is more than a facility, a roll-in-one spectrum where expertise and convenience have concocted into a happy blend. So why wait and hesitate?

Enjoy the unfolding horizons of freedom and stay updated in a whole new world of entertainment!



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