The Last update we reported, regarding the Anonymous VS KKK was about very angry claim towards Anonymous from KKK in which it was stated that Every Anonymous will be shoot in Missouri and now Anonymous released private information of the KKK Leader Franck Ancona, who ordered KKK Team to shoot every Anonymous.

This Battle is on-going from the last Two Weeks and hacktivist group Anonymous members have hacked KKK Twitter accounts and also released their group members information.

This Operation KKK by Anonymous organised after the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (TAKKKK) – began distributing leaflets in Ferguson warning any protesters that “lethal force would be used against them.

What is OpFerguson and Why these Protests happening in US?

On August 9 of this year, 18-year-old Michael Brown shooted by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and after that people protesting on the roads to Stop Killing Black People, in that protest KKK comes and threatened to use “lethal force” at protests, after that Anonymous Group, which already playing a role in this case comes in front again and revert back to KKK with the hack of twitter accounts.

Anonymous also claimed, it has evidence of strong links between the Ferguson police department and the TAKKKK – including officer Darren Wilson.

Anonymous previously released the personal details of Frank Ancona, the grand wizard of the TAKKKK, and now it published the credit card details of the KKK leader on text-sharing website Pastebin, having previously published his phone number, email address, social security number and home address.

KKK Leader on Camera:

While Ancona has been outspoken in his reaction to the Anonymous spat, telling CNBC that he was “declaring war” on Anonymous, and then goading the online group for “hiding behind pathetic masks” in this odd Pastebin post, the Grand Wizard has taken the strange step this week of appearing on camera with Anonymous member Alex Poucher.



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