Hollywood Studio Gets Stuck on Web: Sony Pictures attacked by hackers and claims to have stolen private information of Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz and leave staffs behind “using pen and paper”

  • Cyber criminals from ‘Guardians of Peace, hit Sony Pictures computer network on Monday.
  • Staffs are obliged to sit from their tables and do their jobs using pens and papers.
  • Computer screens have displayed red skeleton having phrase “Hacked by GOP”
  • Following words are: “We’ve already warned you, and this is just a beginning”
  • Important files stolen includes passport of Angelina Jolie and well as Cameron Diaz’s passport.

Hollywood Studio behind James Bond and Spider-Man films stated that cyber criminals have crippled their computer network and stolen private information of big starts like Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz.

Employees and staffs of Sony Pictures Entertainment were obliged to face their jobs and try to do their tasks using pen and papers after the attack was made by GOP or “Guardian of Peace” 5 days ago.

Today, staffs were advised that they have to wait for three weeks before the breach be totally cleared.

According to Los Angeles Times, before Sony Pictures Entertainment gets stuck on Monday, the computer screens have displayed red skeleton image with “hacked by #GOP” phrase on it.

The hackers have previously warned Sony Pictures that they had acquired “secrets” that they will reveal on Web and revealed a list of files claiming what they have stolen including “Cameron Diaz-Passport” and “Angelina Jolie – Passport”.

Other secret files they claimed they have stolen include “media budgets, deals and security breach course of action”. Other things that believed to be taken by the hackers are production passwords and schedules.

According to Los Angeles Times, the computer screens have popped up message saying that “We’ve already warned you, and this is just the beginning. We continue ‘till our request be met”.

One security expert have told The Times newspaper t

Sony Pictures might be a target because “many perceived it to have an attitude problem with their eagerness to sue hackers”, said the security expert to the The Times newspaper.

According to a source at Sony Entertainment told The Times newspaper that “You go to work and there are people sitting at their desks trying to do their jobs with pen and paper. It’s the same all over the world.”

“They’re pretending it is just an IT problem but its 100% not… The tech guys I know said files were wiped.”

Jean Guerin, the spokesperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment said that the company’s network is down and dealt with “a system disruption’ and technicians are “working diligently” in resolving the issue.

Guerin did not provide any information regarding the reported cyber attack.

On Tuesday, emails that were sent to Sony Pictures Entertainment bounced back telling that “email system is currently experiencing a disruption.’

Los Angeles Times stated that Sony Pictures Entertainment staffs have resorted on using pen and papers to get their jobs done on Monday.

It is not clear if the “disruption problem” will affect the company’s upcoming holiday films and regular TV programs like “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune”.

Sony Corporation has already been a cyber criminal’s target from the past. In 2011, their video games online have also suffered a major attack resulting to the stolen data of 77 million users.



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