As you all know, Anonymous VS KKK is on the peak, in which Anonymous has started to defeat KKK via hacking twitter accounts of the KKK Group and some of the KKK’s members anonymity also leaked by the Anonymous members (Australia.)

On August 9 of this year, 18-year-old Michael Brown shooted by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and after that people protesting on the roads to Stop Killing Black People, in that protest KKK comes and threatened to use “lethal force” at protests, after that Anonymous Group, which already playing a role in this case comes in front again and revert back to KKK with the hack of twitter accounts.

After the Killing of Michael Brown, Anonymous leaked videos, and evidences against that Police Officer, who shot down the Michael.

After the hack of the twitter accounts of the KKK, it officially announced to shoot anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask.

Let’s try to learn about What is going on?

First KKK announces to use Lethal Force against the protesters:
KKK Notice

After the above Notice, Anonymous comes in caper, launched Operation #KKK and hacked twitter accounts and tweeted a hanged KKK member pic:

Anonymous KKK

Anonymous Press Release

A video about Anonymous taking on the KKK states that the KKK came to the group’s “unfortunate attention that you have been interfering with Anonymous.”

We are not attacking you because of what you believe in, as we fight for freedom of speech. We are attacking you because of your threats to use lethal attacks against us at the Ferguson protests. Due to your actions we have started Operation KKK.

The aim of our operation is nothing more than Cyber Warfare. Anything you upload will be taken down; anything you use to promote the KKK will be shut down. DDoS attacks have already been sent and have infiltrated your servers over the past 2 days… d0x’s have also been launched on leaders of the KKK. All information retrieved will be given to the public. You messed with our family and now we will mess with yours.

Let the cyber war begin.

Now, Heat was up and Anonymous hacked some of the websites related to KKK:

  • Stormfront forum

After sites came up, the Missouri KKK leader Frank Ancona begged for donations from other members.

As I already talked above about the leak of Anonymity of the KKK members by Anonymous was done, which includes seizure of online accounts, releasing email accounts, and “unhooded” some in the KKK by releasing the identities via links to social media accounts which contained KKK members’ photos, addresses, phone numbers, ages, workplaces and even photos of their kids.

KKK was really disappointed with the condition of their group and threatened a press reporter to not to talk about them badly, the reporter named  Tiffany Willis released a video on YouTube with the voice call from the KKK Group member:

And Finally, Now Shooting orders have been issued by Frank Ancona:

What you think about this Cyber War, Must tell us in comments.

UPDATE: 11/22/2014

Anonymous just released a spicy stuff from the KKK Twitter account :)

List of incomplete phone numbers has been released associated with the KKK Members and it is a step to stay far from the protesters, as they said on twitter: “It would be in the KKK’s best interest if they stayed away from the protests in Ferguson #OpKKK #HoodsOff.”



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