According to a report by The Economic Times, Hackers used malware to obtain 3.2 million details for debit cards in India. The hackers injected the malicious software into the system of Hitachi Payment Services.HACKING DEBIT CARD

At the moment, there are no details identifying who is responsible for the attack, which is the largest of its kind in India, ever. All that’s known for now is that several victims of the hacking reported different transactions that occurred in different parts of China.

Different banks in India suffered the attack to varying degrees. The State Bank of India, ICICI, Axis bank, HDFC, and Yes Bank were hit the most.

Debit Card Detail

Following the breach that took place several weeks ago, the affected banks have advised their customers to take precaution and use new PINs as they are in the process of replacing the cards.

The breach is being pursued by SISA which is a payment systems security firm. As for now, it can only be hoped that the case will be solved to prevent such hacks in the future.

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