After thorough research by top security firms including Arbor Networks and FireEye, it has been discovered that new and ingenious ways that are much cheaper have been adopted by hackers around the globe. Instead of heavy investments in hacking softwares and framework, hackers have turned to cheap ready to use malware.

The security firms primarily conducted the test on several defence, aerospace and public sector firms of major countries and shockingly found that the malware “FormBook password stealer” was common amongst all major hacking campaigns recently conducted.

hacked Formbook password stealer

FormBook password stealer malware is easily available at as a low cost as 29 dollars per week or 59 dollars per month. It offers a variety of spying and hacking facilities. This includes a password stealer, keylogger, network sniffer, web form data stealer and much more!

The researchers discovered that FormBook password stealer is primarily distributed using email service as attachments. These attachments can accompany with PDF, XLS, DOCX, DOC, ZIP, RAR, ISO and even EXE file extensions.

After the successful intervention of FormBook password stealer in a system, personal and private information from applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Safari, Vivaldi, Q-360, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, 3D-FTP, FileZilla and WinSCP is automatically transmitted to a central server which allows the hackers to have full and exclusive control of your information.

Formbook password

Researchers at FireEye quote:

“One of the malware’s most interesting features is that it reads Windows’ ntdll.dll module from disk into memory, and calls its exported functions directly, rendering user-mode hooking and API monitoring mechanisms ineffective.”

After reading this news, you probably will feel doubtful about your own safety so there is nothing to worry about if you have a trustworthy and updated antivirus software. The FormBook password stealer malware is easily detectable and removable so just have a regular scan of your devices.

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