If you read our news update on Equifax hack few weeks ago, you might know that Equifax hack was so severe that it had repercussions for millions of Americans! Now following the hack, the confusion and dilemma faced was whether users know specifically that they have been hacked or not.

This was causing anarchy and countless social media comments on whether a user was hacked or not. To counter this post-hack issue, the company decided to dispatch Equifax hacking mail notification. This will inform in person to all users of Equifax regarding their hacking status. This decision of spreading Equifax hacking mail was done after a thorough and comprehensive forensic investigation along with security partner known as Mandiant.

equifax hackingWhat has stunned Equifax is the complete count of affected users which are nowhere near to the initially conveyed figure of approximately 2.5 million. The real count now reaches 145.5 million affected! This is why Equifax hacking mail service has been launched for the “ease” of consumers to let them know.

The company is bound to dispatch all emails not later than 8th October so if you are an Equifax user, you won’t have to wait too long to know if you have been affected.

equifax hackerA sigh of relief for users of Equifax outside American territory is the security researcher’s discovery that no accounts were breached which originated outside America. Now with the Equifax hacking mail going out to users, it isn’t much of a relief for users who trusted Equifax but the careless behaviour of many officers at Equifax led to the breach of loads of personal information and much more which could easily have been avoided by due concentration of Equifax administration.

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