Nintendo gaming devices have made a huge ground and is one of the pioneers which made gaming extremely popular. This popularity caught the attention of hackers who have now turned towards hacking of gaming devices to grant exclusive authority to run any game which is otherwise protected by the manufacturer.

This SNES hack requires just two simple and easily available tools: USB link to a computer and a freeware tool. The guide of this SNES hack has been posted by NeoGAF. The SNES hack works by flashing the original system of Nintendo and giving exclusive right to the system for installing up to 63 games in its internal memory.

SNES hackedAn exclusive spreadsheet has been released titled “Super NES Classic Edition ROM Compatibility List” which keeps track of the compatibility of the list of games which are compatible after SNES hack. The list amounts to more than 500 games.

This news came as a great frustration to Nintendo as this hack has been made extremely easy and it is not patchable by Nintendo i.e. once hacked, Nintendo have no control on the device.

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