The integrity of data and security of mac systems is well-known but in the past three years, mac systems have come under a lot of scrutiny. A report published in 2011 went as far as to claim the following:

In fact, I would claim that the current security level of Windows 7 is better than on Mac OS X, and that it’s more likely we will see a major mobile worm outbreak on iPhone than on smartphones running Windows Phone.”

mac malware

These claims have picked up strength after the discovery of an undetected mac malware that remained under the tables for so long. This undetected mac malware has the ability to grant access to hackers and attackers over the webcams, keyboards, trackpads and other sensitive input/output devices. More shocking is the fact that these undetected mac malwares have been affecting mac systems for more than 5 years!

Astonishingly, these malwares amount to almost 400 including both major and minor infections. After a detailed research and report by Patrick Wardle, a researcher from the famous security firm Synack, it is discovered that this undetected mac malware was given a fake name of Fruitfly. He was astonished as to how this malware remained under the radar for so long considering the simplicity of this malware compared to more complex malwares. Not only can this malware let attackers gain access to webcams etc. but also can collect information about other computers linked to the target Mac.

undetected mac malware infected

According to Wardle, this undetected mac malware has remained under the naked eye for a long time and neither Mac OS nor commercially sold antiviruses have been able to detect this malware. Wardle quotes that many users of Mac are overconfident about the safety of their Mac systems. He also claims that this undetected mac malware probably uses clicking of malicious links to gain access over users.

Let us hope that Mac developers take notice of these vulnerabilities and roll out fixes for such major issues.


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