What is generally believed is that Macs are relatively way more immune to malware threats than other OS based devices. However, with the recently released report from security researchers of AVAST, this concept has taken a turn and has forced people to rethink about this general belief.

Along with details from the report of AVAST, we also will take a look into the top 5 malware threats for MacBook.

Skimming through the report, AVAST claims that it has secured its Mac users from more than 250 million malware threats this year. This claim is supported by other security firms as well. For example, a report from Malwarebytes confirmed this stance that due to increasing shares of Apple in the market, they are becoming more vulnerable to repetitive attacks from hackers. The report claimed that 2017 has been the year when Mac malware integrity and amount has abruptly risen.

5 malware threats for macbooksThe same claim has been supported by Duo Security and TechRepublic as well. In the AVAST report, Lukáš Hasik who is a senior product manager at Avast reported:

“Macs are not impervious to malware. As secure as Macs generally are, the fact is that hackers are targeting them more than ever.”

Therefore, after knowing the threats posed to MacBook, you must know the top 5 malware threats for MacBook in order to prevent your data. The top 5 malware threats for MacBook include:

  • Adware: Amounting to almost 41 million this year, this type of threat has had a major impact on Mac safety. Adware have the capability to penetrate suspicious files into a user’s system and also redirection and addition of spam ads on web browsers.
  • Blacklisted websites: Making up 14% of total detected threats on MacBook worldwide, these websites once loaded in a web browser can cause severe damage to a Mac system. The affected system can then be sent viruses or other spywares.
  • PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs): 5% of total threats comprised of PUPs which are additional files (sometimes spyware) that attach automatically with legitimate download files.
  • Trojans: Most of you might be familiar with this term. Trojans are severe viruses used to steal private data or to create backdoors in systems by hackers.
  • Ransomware: As the word ransom suggests, these threats enter a Mac system through spam emails or phishing attacks. These demand the payment of a ransom money to get the system unlocked.

malware threats for macbooksTherefore, summing up all the top 5 malware threats for MacBook, we hope you have a clear idea now of the threats to stay safe from.

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