Apple Corporation may have a few bad sides, but when it comes to design, very few people complain. This hasn’t been so for the iPhone 7 though.

A couple of leaks that have to occur over the months have shown the iPhone 7 to be only slightly different from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Most Apple fans seemed not to have a problem with that. But what has really lit the flames of anger is the latest leak which shows the iPhone to be worse than the previous instalments in a certain aspect.

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Social media was filled with Apple conversations when the ever-spot-on leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer released actual iPhone 7 images online as well as another schematic. The leaker has had accurate leaks with the iPhone 6, and the galaxy gadgets, S6 and S6 edge.

The photo didn’t show much for people to talk about. It clearly indicates a larger camera, which is what most Apple fans were expecting.

The larger camera won’t afford the phone any more megapixels but will increase the aperture. Although the antenna lines have been revised the phone looks like the iPhone 6 still.

The schematic is what presented the worst about the phone’s design. It showed that the phone comes with a protruding back camera, much to the displeasure of fans.

iphone 7

What’s interesting is the fact that the new design goes against everything that Jonathan Ive has been advocating. Apple’s former design head was known for his dislike for the iPhone’s small protrusion and wished to make it bigger.

The new camera might have been expected since Ive has been given more access to Apple’s design department. At the moment, it is not clear whether Apple fans will mind the new design.

The phone comes with too many changes: No jack for the headphones, the removal of the dual camera, and the protruding camera may be too much for some fans to accept. But with the protective cases that most users put their phones in, the camera protrusion won’t be much of a problem.



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