Police department of Great Britain has reported an arrest of a young person. The 20 year old under consideration has been said to be a member of the ‘Turkish Crime Family’, a famous hacking group which had announced a threat against Apple iPhones less than 7 days ago.

The threat was to remove all data from millions of Apple devices. A ransom of $0.75 lac was demanded to avoid this from happening. This arrest was specifically made by the National Crime Agency of United Kingdom. Hence putting the young man in jail based on charges under the Computer Misuse act.

This group of hackers commonly known as “Turkish Crime Family,” has been found to be asking for money for sparing these 300 million accounts. The money shall be in form of Bitcoin or any other online safe currency platform. The story was discovered and reported by Motherboard, one of the reliable tech story sources on Tuesday. The hacking group gave proof by giving out the screenshots of their conversation with Apple officials over the matter. The hacking group said in a conversation with Motherboard that they won’t be intruding in any device if the sum is paid.

extortion responsible arrested for Iphone hacking threat

Apple, to protect its reputation, immediately gave an official statement stating that all of the data on iOS devices is completely safe. They also told that none of the servers of data storage facilities have been breached till now alongside giving a security assurance to all their clients. The official statement is mentioned below:

“Apple is actively monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts and is working with law enforcement to identify the criminals involved. To protect against these type of attacks, we always recommend that users always use strong passwords, not use those same passwords across sites and turn on two-factor authentication.”

Apple extortion responsible arrested for Iphone hacking

Arresting one Hacker doesn’t make your iOS data safe:

The officials have no surety that either the arrested man has any legitimate links to the hacking organization or not. Although he has been found to be involved in a few previous events of intrusions into people’s data or devices, it’s yet to be confirmed from the Turkish Crime Family about his links with them.

Now, even if the person is related to the Crime group, it doesn’t make your data safe. The Apple devices once threatened will still be on target after the Apple extortion responsible arrested incident. The users need to make sure that Apple provides them with high end security to decrease the level of distrust caused by these incidents.

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