The launch of Pokémon Go today has been muddled in chaos. The game has been slowly hitting the market in different parts of the world without any sort of formal announcement – not from Nintendo, the Pokémon Company or even Niantic, which is responsible for the mobile version of the game.

But, for all those flooding Twitter with inquiries about the game, Pokémon Go is finally available in the United States. It can be accessed on the Apple iOS and Google android alike.

So far, all tests seem to yield positive results as has been said by those that have tried the game. The only problem is with the connectivity which seems to be inconsistent in some areas.

The game was officially rolled out in New Zealand and Australia today, and there has been no news as to what areas will get the game next. With the US having received its share, it’s unclear where the game will land next.

It would have been a wise move for at last one of the companies involved to release some kind of roadmap to allow people to have an idea when the next release will be. As things stand, both the fans and the press randomly check the app stores just in case the game might be in.

There have already been extensive tests done on the game and so it is not entirely new in the eyes of the public. Feedback has been somewhat average, with some fans disappointed for not getting the typical gaming experience one would get from Nintendo.

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Others were simply thrilled that the game was now available on devices that were not Nintendo-based. People have particularly been pleased with the GPS/AR aspects of the game. Since we have now reached the full unfolding of the game, we will get to see what it really has in store.

Those that never got to play the game during its beta testing days can now get a feel of the first real Nintendo game on their mobile devices and by the end of the week, everyone’s views will be clear. In the meantime, all fans should get to their app stores and drown in some Pokémon.

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