Denial of service attack in short The DDOS attack is an attempt to bring down any website by overwhelming it with traffic from different resources.

DDOS attacks are surprisingly are easy cheap to initiate . Anyone can take down the site no matter its size. Small and independent sites are at risk as relatively small amount of traffic can take them offline as they don’t have resources to defend themselves from such attacks. People use this vulnerability by using DDOS Attack for political awareness and financing voices in media.

In past DDOS attack is through attacking code repository service Github.

Sites that provide controversial facts are under the most frequently attacked zone. Google cares about people gaining access to information and now they designs to withstand even the largest attack. Google is now launching its initiative to launch its project shield to help protect free expression online

Project Shield

Google will be using their own DDos attack mitigation technology to protect vulnerable sites and freedom of expression online. Small and independent websites lacks infrastructure which will now be provided by Google without moving their hosting location. Now google is testing this service for new websites.

Once a websites gets an invite to be a trusted tester, they receive an invite to join the initiative and follow some instructions to configure their website for DDOS mitigation. Till date no uptime and protection levels are set but it’s just the start. All the information will be mailed which is needed by web master. A webmaster can easily setup services in 10 minutes.

In testing phase Project shield is free but in future it might be chargeable within a 30 days period. For non-profits websites, it may be free or with reduced fee as per Google.

Google’s Page speed tool which is a frontend tool that offers fast loading time is used by Project Shield. All sites are hosted on Google Page speed and all resources will be used to defend sites from DDos attack until and unless the attack is strong enough to take down all.

google project shield01



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