The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has caught the person behind the fappening computers with nude celebrity pictures last year. This guy is 30 years old and located in Chicago has his own den where he has several computers, a kindle tablet, storage devices and a cell phone. He lives with his parents.

The IP address got revealed from one Emilio Herrera in Chicago which prompted investigation of this entire incident located at southern side of the city last year in October.

Eight celebrities got recognized by their initials in the affidavit. Known Hollywood celebs like JLO, Amber Heard, Christina Hendricks, Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Abigail Spencer ,Hope Solo, Hope Solo, Emily Browning are among those whose accounts got hacked and photos revealed.

Not just these Hollywood stars, this entire incidence includes accounts of other models, friends and families of known friends. The celebrities name revealed from systems were saved by their name initials.

emilio herrera

Affidavit has IP address which is linked to Emilio Herrera’s Home, This IP address is used to get access of 572 other unique iClouds account  in a time period of 31 May2013 and 31August 2014.

The accounts were not attacked once they were attacked and hacked several times on an average six times for a single celeb account. NBC revealed use of IP address to access other account were attempted 5000 times and changed 1987 iCloud passwords.

One of the star victims had a word with FBI and said her account was hacked and she was targeted through news media, this star appeared in various movies and TV shows.  Another famous star who is casted in several movies has told FBI that her photos were sent to fiancé and other which was public was never sent and was in phone storage.

FBI spokeswomen Laura Eimiller, told that no charges are put against Herrera. The charges may include computer owner to be one of the victims as computer or its IP address ca be attacked and accessed from anywhere in the world said Bill Kresse who is a cybersecurity expert at Governors State University in University Park, Illinois.

The entire raid activity was a part of ongoing investigation which was to find out how nude and sexually explicit photos of Hollywood celebs got stolen and posted without their will and content.

Such incident reminds of weaknesses of cloud technology and security breaches which makes them unsafe to store personal data and information on internet. Last September Apple engineer discovered and justified that hacker’s access to individual accounts has no effect on general access of Apple’s Services.




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