Anyone can be a victim of hacking, and the latest high-profile victim is Google CEO, Sundar Pichai. The hackers involved, OurMine, got into Sundar’s Quora account and linked it to his Twitter account.

The breach only came to light when OurMine used Sundar’s account to post to Quora, then linked the account to his Twitter which enabled the two platforms to show the same posts. The hack happened on Sunday and all the tweets and Quora posts have since been deleted.

sundar Pichai’s hackers

As opposed to Mark Zuckerberg’s hack, the trio hack team from Saudi Arabia did not rely on the 2012 LinkedIn data leak to obtain passwords; instead, they capitalised on a weakness they claim to have spotted in Quora’s system, which is a platform where people ask and answer questions. Quora was launched in 2010.

The group said it is only trying to see how secure people’s accounts are, and hopes people will secure their accounts better.

The hackers added that they sent specifics of the hack to Quora but the owners have not responded to their ‘generosity’.

sundar Pichai’s account hacking

The hackers do offer security services to their victims. At times, the charges can be as high as $5000 and this will cover a thorough check of their social media accounts, websites and other cyber safety issues.

But, as opposed to advising people to make their accounts more secure, OurMine is searching for ways to push their services forward and sell them. The group has so far made $16,500.

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