On Wednesday, European Law Agency Europol notified of DIY hacking kits being sold over dark web using crypto currencies is becoming a serious threat to business all over world.

Dark web is basically a part of internet consisted of websites that are not identified by cyber lawyers.

This is encrypted part of internet that makes it a notorious market place for all cybercrime and a hide out for Cyber criminals.

They are even used for selling destructive things like drugs. Dark web is supporting an illegal industry growing from Criminal entrepreneurs over dark web.

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Wil Van Gemret who is acting head of EC3, Europol cyber division told that cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are used for buying hacking kit online to gain the pro tips and tricks for hacking. Now even the amateur would know it like a pro does.

This selling of DIY kits is threatening and will increase cybercrime. Amateurs will have the power of hacking a huge infrastructure like a pro with such kits.

Site named as Silk Road was the most known site for selling such perilous and unsafe items like drugs. His owner Ross Ulbricht got a lifetime imprisonment.

A new marketplace has evolved which brings the security flaws of a company called as Zero days exploit. The website is known as Real Deal Market and hosted for dark web as told by wired.

Websites which are on Dark web are difficult to track as they are with complex encryption which make them difficult to decrypt and tough to find their location.

Last year FBI carried out an operation to shut it down, the operation was quite successful as 410 hidden services got closed seizing $ 1 million of bitcoins. Van Gemet told it is difficult not impossible to shut dark web.

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