Microsoft plan of providing a free wifi service got leaked on its website accidentally.

Microsoft is planning their new milestone which is none other than providing a free wifi service to Microsoft subscribers.

Few of the services got leaked on their website before making it public. The information about data plans was cleaned from website few hours later. But venture beat was able to take a screen shot of the information plan.

Microsoft spokesperson revealed their plans for free wifi services for million of subscribers. I will be called Microsoft wifi . This entire wifi service network includes 130 countries served with 10 million hotspots.

Wifi free


The purpose behind is to make the wifi service hassle-free as the subscribers wont have to get into elaborative sign up forms and other details.

They will seamlessly connect to a wifi network at airports, café and other public places. The entire information on services is well described.

This Microsoft wifi is very similar effort like Skype wifi but with bigger network and conjunction of carious wifi providers.

The services could be used by people who have office 365 enterprise clients and subscribers of Microsoft’s work and play bundle. The entire subscription will cost $149 annually.

This is available for Windows, Mac and other Os platforms. Microsoft has not revealed anything on Microsoft wifi but soon it will be out in news .

Stay tuned for more news on Microsoft wifi . Happy reading !

microsoft free wi fi




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