Chrome extension for finding hidden friends is known as Facebook Friends Mapper.  This extension dodges the mutual friend feature which is there on Facebook.

Facebook is more than a mode to connect people, it’s now has become a tool to know people through their profile and friends. Facebook has provided can power to user through which they can control the view of their friend list as who can view their friends and other things like their personal and account information.

This is done through a Facebook setting called privacy setting, privacy setting enables you limit your visibility of post, pictures and everything.
People have kept their friend list as private but this is not going to help in log run.

The latest news reveled, chrome extension claims to unveil the friend list that is hidden on Facebook to your friends. This shows “Only me” option is not going to work now.

In this scenario if you have any mutual friend but you does not share friend list. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not share his friend list with public, but you should have at least one mutual friend with him to unveil his friend list. You can use Facebook Friends Mapper tool that would make you see his most of hidden friends.

Facebook friends Mapper Tool exploit the Mutual Friend logical flaw.

List of steps you need to perform to find hidden friends from Facebook.

First you need to download and install Facebook Friend Mapper extension

Step 2:

 Next you step into your friend’s profile with whom you want to see hidden friends. You can see reveal friends option in friends tab.

facebook hack


Select the Reveal Friends option and you will be able to see all the friends no matter you have mutual friends or not.

facebook hacking


 Make sure you use such extension for some time as they are not good for browser and scan well before installing them

If anyone uses this tool then the privacy setting doesn’t work for the person whose friend list has to be exposed.

Use Facebook friends mapper wisely.



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