Worried about system updates , no more.

Sooner you will able to update downloaded on other computers. To quote an example if you have updated it on home network or via Internet, you will be able to update already downloaded softwares and system updates.

Microsoft have also updated p2p delivery which further provides fast delivery with latest downloads with different sources.

You’ll be able to install Windows updates that have been downloaded on other PCs on the network or even over the Internet, with P2P being uses to increase download speeds


windows 10

There are list of things that are still complicated that revolves around windows 10 . The windows update is free if you download os via windows update but next further updates are still unrevealed.

Microsoft has been asked for what it has in store for PC enthusiastic people who want to reinstall their OS and other issues like making system safe from virus. Right now you can install programs and updates via USB stick or windows DVD.

Programs like WinToFlash will take half and hour to install. Now when windows 10 update can only be installed via windows 7or 8 update section. This process may take a lot of time and is cumbersome. But one advantage you have is with windows 7or 8 update one can update windows without paying any charges or free of cost. Microsoft is promising and will soon answer all the questions related to updates of software with the launch of windows 10.






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