Author Peter Jay who is known for Urban Outlaws has given a list of most notorious and nastiest viruses known to him by far. With this list of threat he has added list of measures to safeguard against such viruses.

You must have heard about so many crime incidents in news by top notch hackers, perfect hackers are not easy to catch red handed.

Eventually with time and their hacking process when they get caught, they make it to list of most notorious hacker. The way they hack is very impressive.

Hackers are viewed from different angles based on arguments and stories about their origin. Hackers are defined as people who are able to access data from any computer using illegal ways to intrude and get into computer.


The origins and stories define hackers which are of following types:

A hacker with no Criminal intent usually called a white Hat hacker. They test security and other concerns of different companies and report their weaknesses.

A hacker who uses his hacking skills for legal as well as illegal activities is known as Grey Hat hacker. They intrude secure system through illegal way and uses computer stored information and data.

A hacker who hacks the system and uses data for crime and intent to harm companies or individuals is known as Black Hat hacker.

types of hackers

With hackers you should also know various viruses that come in various shape and size. They can lead to shut down your system, closing windows and other harmful things like stealing information that is stored in your systems.

Computer Viruses are counted as life as they say something about human nature, only form of life which is purely destructive as we have created life in our image. Steven Hawking has said about computer Viruses.

So here we go with the list of nasty viruses and notorious hackers, take a look:

  • The Creeper Virus, this virus was first found at Internet’s Predecessor known as Arpanet. This virus is named so as it was replicating , if your system get infected with such virus they infect the screen with the message “ I am Creeper , catch me if you can”.
  • The Brain, this virus is one of the first MS-Dos viruses in world. The first look appeared in January 1986.It disrupted the boot sector of floppy disc as it got renamed
  • The Melissa A virus, this virus came with email that read “here the document you have asked for .. don’t show it to anyone” when you open such email message ,it spreads in first 50 people in the address book.
  • The Kevin Mitnick , he has hacked various known companies like Motorola and Nokia which caused a lot of problem. He was among most wanted computer Criminal in US history. He converted into white hat from black hat hacker. Now he helps companies regarding security issues.
  • Adrian Lamo, he has hacked many known networks like Microsoft, NY times. He also helped in security breaches done by US soldier as he was leaking information to WikiLeaks.
  • Vladimir Levin, he leads a hacking group who robbed a bank online, he was involved in transferring $3.7m from Citibank in over eighteen separate attacks.
  • Storm Worm Virus , this virus spreads through email with the subject line : 230 Dead as Storm Batters Europe. This subject was quite enticing so that people open up mail and the moment they did, the computer got infected with malware and a Trojan virus.
  • Kevin Poulsen, he has hacked a radio competition over a phone line to be 102nd caller and to win a Porsche 944. Later he was caught and sent to prison, later in life he became journalist.
  • Chernobyl Virus, this virus comes every year and celebrate its anniversary, it is most nasty virus a it replaces the most critical files even BIOS that is very critical to start your computer. This virus has caused $1 bn damages.
  • Robert Tappan Morris, he has invented the first known worm who took birth in 1988. It attacked many computer systems and caused damages worth millions at Cornell University.

With the list of viruses and hackers, you need to be more careful about how you use systems and keep it protected through firewalls. Best hackers in the world remain unidentified and rule the world of cybercrime.

More to this don’t share your personal details like bank details and phone numbers with the sites until and unless you are sure about their authenticity.

 About Peter Jay Black  

He studied at University of Bournemouth and later he worked in IT department.  He got moved by team of super skilled kids who showed him their hideout which was a bunker hidden under London after Second World War. This made him write about their adventures which gave birth to Urban Outlaws. Peter is a self-confessed gadget geek who stays in Dorset.

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