We have already let you know about Facebook Friends Mapper Extension, now we will teach you how to use it, step by step :)

When we visit any profile on Facebook we sometimes find the friend list is kept hidden from people who are not friends or even friends too. You always feel inquisitive about friends and the social circle.

Now you have the opportunity to sneak in their hidden friend list through Facebook Friends Mapper Extension is provided by chrome. People do keep their friend list only me to stay safe from other visitors.

Facebook mapper fetches hidden friend list from account.

This mapper works on the flaw of Facebook which is concept of Mutual Friends, the Facebook mapper helps you to uncover the hidden list if you have mutual friends with that person.

google chrome mapper

This is how the Facebook friend’s mapper extension looks like.

Facebook Friend’s Mapper lets you see hidden friends and once you install Facebook Friends Mapper

facebook hack mapper

Once you will select the reveal friends option on friends tab

It will display a tab


In which it will display all the friends which are hidden with their ID so you can easily find them.

facebook postFacebook Friends Mapper lets you know more about a person social circle through friend list.




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