47 million users are using Hola free peer to peer services by hola.

They are using Hola services either via chrome like Hola Better Internet or Firefox Hola Unblocker. Hola claims that they make internet browsing safe and secure whereas researches warned that it operates in a poor botnet and can lead to serious consequences. Security experts have advised that Hola users should uninstall it immediately as it is vulnerable to security breaches. Hola is widely used by users who are among net surfers. They watch videos such as on Netflix as their American version is blocked. Hola is idle for those who want to turn their systems into a VPN server. If you are using Hola you need not to pay for it. Lumanti also got share of user’s bandwith who are on Hola. Last year 9 million strong botnets access were sold.

When the matter got in to expert’s hands and they investigated to found that hola is harmful for every one located on internet.

How Hola is harful for users ?

  • If you use Hola then you will be identified on internet.
  • Hola sends traffic of strangers through your internet connection which can make you a intruder or a cyber-thief even if you have no ways to prove your innocence as it is been done through your internet connection.
  • Lumaniti sells Hola access in $ 20 to anyone who is eager to pay per GB.
  • Anyone can run any program in your system who uses Hola.
  • Hola comes with four vulnerabilities
  1. It let any remote website to read any files located on your system.
  2. Attacker can exploit information by tracking Hola user over internet.
  3. Remote code execution Vulnerabilities
  4. Once REC is through they can access much more information.

If you are looking for any fix that Hola has is Uninstall Hola as it has no patches or fix. If you want to keep yourself safe on Internet then don’t use hola and uninstall it.

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