Our computers are not secure at all. You can feel the system is vulnerable to attacks as there are a lot of security breaches happening around us. You suspect something not right in their system they say system is virus infected. Users are used to this virus living in their systems. Are we prepared for an intrusion or an attack? Do we have all the weapons to safeguard our systems.

Now learn about some software solutions that can help you in detecting intrusion in your system. Install them and be prepared for the combat against intrusion.

1) First Tool in the list Nmap

Nmap is network Mapper. It is a tool that keeps a check on system network, It checks the level of security in networks which makes it a good tool for hackers also as they remotely access system when the doors for entering a network s open. Hackers can easily identify installed system  on which system operates and exploit it further. Nmap works on command line so users can also try Zenmap which has graphical user interface.

2) Next in the list is Wireshark

This Wireshark is a software tool that does analysis on protocols and captures data in actual time in form of data packets that are in decipherable format for users. A network adapter is used for reading traffic and capturing it. It operates in a mode which is capable of capturing all the data packets irrespective of their destination.

After Wireshark

3) Its Ettercap

This is one man army software tool which is capable of doing multiple things like it can detect suspicious network traffic. It is widely used tools that are capable of detecting Man-in –Middle network which is local . User can seize real time communications and filter content.

4) Nessus

This tool is widely used to assess machine’s vulnerability towards Intrusions. This tool works as a scanner for network and identify entrances of networks and their operating systems .they also report of vulnerabilities found, severity level, and possible resolution

5) Network Scanner

As name suggest this this software act as a scanner, it detects the machines which are on your system network.this is not defined as an app to safeguard your system but it can help you with identifying intruders present in your network with details of machines that are available with machines with shared folders.


These above stated tools can be your weapon to aid your combat against virus and intrusion. All are free tools except Nessus which is for 7 days free trail only.



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