There has been a new break – through in the field of cyber hacking. The days of hackers coming up with advanced ways of gaining access in to the private systems are over, and now they have leaped forward with a new invention. Cyber criminals have designed a new tool that allows anyone who uses it to spam someone else’s phone. The workings and proceedings of the tool have the same fundamental idea – to breach and infringe the private space of someone. This new gadget has now been released into the market.

According to The Register, it has been reported ┬áthat this new hacking tool was found by hackers occupying the Eastern – European space of the world. Anyone who wishes to purchase this latest piece of equipment can find it being sold online. Cyber criminals has referred to this invention as The TNT Instant Up, and have described its functions: it can only be used to flood other cellular phone networks only with calls. The cell phone will stop operating for the time till it is being flooded by these spam calls, and can cannot be used until the device is completely turned off.

Sounds like this new invention in the field of hacking is a menace! It is for hard core users, people who are very much inclined and motivated to spend their time in this way – using the device to violate the privacy space of others. So you can buy the tool online on the TNT website, if you are so inclined.

The TNT Instant Up cripples phone systems. Phone calls are used as a way to spam others and they are repeatedly received, making the mobile device flaky. This new menacing gadget uses numerous well working and connecting modems and SIM cards so that numbers can be dialed in a non-stop way. Once you use it, you can be sure to bring a wave of frustration on anyone receiving these calls. Not only will they be disturbed by the constant ringing on their phones but also will be unable to use their phones – and we all know how frustrating it is to survive without cell phones! So with this device you surely can turn someone’s life into a night mare.

You may think that this hacker friendly Instant Up tool is great for pulling pranks, but in reality it can be used in a more evil way. Cyber criminals can use TDoS (touchtone phone defiance of service)devices to put down key systems. Intel Crawler says that the FBI recognized TDoS hacks being conducted last summer, and they targeted the healthcare sector. Intel Crawler further adds by saying that cyber criminals have blocked a 911 urgent situation service in the United States from the usage of a related device.


So if you want to buy this device, make sure you have a really sinister purpose or else – stay away from it.






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