Anonymous hackers group is one of the group, which is being operated by some anonymous persons and no one able to identify them so early, as they are Anonymous, so one more hack is affiliated to Anonymous, when this news came out that, 13,000 username and passwords of several internationally famous websites have been leaked, which also consist credit card details of some users.

In a tweet, websites names have been revealed by the group.

In an another tweet, the leak link also mentioned, Leak was hosted at In the leak there is list of usernames and password combinations along with credit card details of some users.

Right now, the leak link is not working anymore and showing that the content has been removed:

ghostbin removed link

Some of the important websites are there in the hacked list like Amazon, Hulu and Walmart, and recently attacked websites too like Sony PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and this is not the ending, some of the p0rn websites are also included in the hacked list like Brazzers and Playboy.

I think, I am creating the suspense in the hacked list of the websites, so here is the list of the websites:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • PlayStation Network
  • Xbox Live
  • Hulu Plus
  • Dell

Important about the hacked websites:

According to a report via The Daily Dot—Hackers might not have compromised the entire databasese of the sites, actually the information hacked through individual users by installing some bots and malware on the users’ device, but still there is not any confirmation, the published one is the full list or no, so at this time this is really important for users to change their passwords right now.

Also don’t forget to check your credit card details everyday.

The group also mentioned a download link of the latest released movie ‘The Interview.’

Recently, A group named ‘Lizard Squad’ took down the top gaming platforms: Sony PSN and Xbox Live and it was disturbed for 2-3 days. Group took down the service via Denial-of-Service attack.



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