As our last news was about the Sony PSN and the Xbox Live service disruption, so the bad news for the users of these services and the officials is —The service is still down, may be some of the users are able to use the service, but some of the users are also there, who reporting on Twitter about their live experience about the services.

The group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility about the disruption of the services via Denial-of-Service Attack (DDoS.)

Now, according to a post by a website (A website operated by the Anonymous) ‘Lizard Squad’ group is now in front of Anonymous and in simple words Anonymous has declared war against the hacker group, blog post reports.

Anonymous says:

The hackers have “made an enemy” and warning that “now you are all going down”.

Anonymous vs Lizard Squad

There have been several fake and alleged “anonymous” videos and claims about a declared war against Lizard Squad. The most popular video was an alleged anonymous video claiming that anonymous would work together with government, police and FBI to take down lizard squad, which anonymous later confirmed that it was fake. Here are the two real videos, where anonymous declares war against the infamous Lizard Squad [blog post reads.]

Transcript of the first video by Anonymous:

Greetings Gaming Community & Lizard Squad aka Finest, It has come to our attention that despite our continued warnings you have decided to disregard our requests to stop promoting propaganda such as “Anonymous has joined up with the FBI”.

The only Anon that ever worked with the FBI is Sabu, the former Lulzsec’s leader and now he’s know as the biggest traitor and scumbag that shopped hes friends to the police in order to save himself among all Anonymous parties.

The Leader of Lizard Squad Jord is also the leader of Finest Squad which is in the same position as Sabu (shopped two of hes friends to the police after hacked by Anonymous and, now is struggling to escape from us).

Everything that’s happening right now such as “Interview” is a typical brainwashing method of drama in order to save himself. You have made an enemy of Anonymous by saying that we are supporting FBI and now you are all going down!

I know, this war will not end too early and now to see the damage from the both groups.



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