After the Last Year, Snowden’s trending leaks about NSA, it has became very common to see any updates related to hacking and Spying secretly.

Now, a German security firm G DATA researched out about a Malware (Spyware) that is pre-installed in some of the cheap brand of Chinese-made smartphones which are being bought by users online through several Major retail websites.

Firm said, it found malicious code hidden deep in the propriety software of the Star N9500, they ordered that handset last month.

This is a latest type of Malware used in similar type of incidents, firm added.

We bought the phone after getting complaints about it from several customers. Our team spent more than a week trying to trace the handset’s maker without success, one of the G Data spokesman said.

“The manufacturer is not mentioned,” he said. “Not in the phone, not in the documentation, nothing else.”

That Phone was spotted online for sale on several Major retail websites, Companies that is selling that phone is at Shenzhen, in southern China. There is not any details of the phone manufacturer was found.

About Malware?

This Malware seems to very affective, as it allows a hacker to steal personal data, place rogue calls, or turn on the phone’s camera and microphone. The data then send to a server in China, G Data said.

Bjoern Rupp, chief executive of the Berlin-based mobile security consultancy firm GSMK, said such cases are more common than people think. Last fall, German cellphone service provider E-Plus found malicious software on some handsets delivered to customers of its Base brand.

“We have to assume that such incidents will increasingly occur, for different commercial and other reasons,” said Rupp.




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