Update is coming from Japan where the Local Police investigating about the hundreds of account connected to smartphone messenger application LINE, which were hacked.

Accounts were accessed by anonymous person, and after the incident company urges users to change their passwords.

Right now, The App LINE is being used by Millions of users across Asia.

A Line spokesman says more than 300 cases of unauthorised access have been confirmed between late May and June 14, including three that involved cash trades resulting in financial loss.

“We are cooperating with police in investigating the cases, and we are calling for users to change passwords,” he said.

The spokesman said the accounts were hacked “presumably after shared passwords with other online services were leaked somewhere else”.

According to the company none of the its server was hacked, and all of the breaches occurred in Japan.

“Line’s system itself has suffered nothing abnormal. It is not that our system was hacked,” company added.

In a Statement to The Next Web, company said:

Some cases have shown that personal information retrieved from other weakly-protected sources may be misused on Line for unauthorized access, if the user keeps the same log-in ID and password for multiple services.

As Line becomes more popular around the world, Line would like to remind users to protect their personal information by using individualized password for Line and changing it on a regular basis. It is also important for users to not disclose their IDs publicly.

LINE is service that allows users to make free calls (VoIP) and post photos or short videos similar to WhatsApp.

We will update this post, when we get any information.




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