Newly Launched App named ‘Yo’ has been hacked, which had became a popular messaging App since last month. Official behind the app, confirmed the hack Today(Friday.)

Arbel (Creator of this App,) said in a conversation with the TechCrunch that the app was “having security issues,” and that specialists were working to alleviate the problems in the next few hours.

TechCrunch also got an email from the group of college students claiming to have hacked the Yo App. The group said that we are able to access any Yo’s user phone number and send Yo’s and push notifications to users. It means they could also push notification of any Malicious URL too.

This security breach was in public in the last few hours, one of the user on twitter posted a status with the pic says, “wow. many 1337. such bad security. I hacked Yo. Use #YoBeenHacked to talk about it.”

I know, some of you don’t know about this App, like me, because this app is shining like a star from Last month, when its creators raised over $1 million from investors and the number of users has skyrocketed to over 50,000 in the last month.

This app is used to send the word ‘YO’ to another user, :)

Source: Techcrunch



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