According to newly found flaw or a hack in most of the Android Phones that use MediaTek Chipset (MT6582 processor) can be easily rebooted by anyone remotely by just sending a Text Mesasge(SMS) to victim.

Yeah, i know you all want to try this on your friends’ one, but first you have to ensure that the Android phone is using MediaTek Chipset.

This Flaw discovered by Blogger Korben, who says that all you have to just text the symbol ‘=’ to the Adnrdoid phone and it will shutdown and reboot automatically.

How it is Possible?

As the Flaw present in the MediaTek Chipset, so in the Chipset Language this symbol ‘=’ is equal to “shutdown and reboot”

You can find a video below from the researcher of the Flaw:

According to, Some popular Alcatel handsets, such as the One Touch Idol X, Idol Ultra, 997D, Pop C3, S-Pop, and Star, have been confirmed as vulnerable.

How to check your phone is under this Flaw:

Just send the ‘=’ without quotes, if your phone shut downs then anyone can use this trick to making you jittery.

Are you affected, How to solve this?

You can bypass this Flaw by changing your default messaging app to some another one and after that nobody can use this trick to hack into your Android Phone.



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