We know it is too late to report this news, but we found this important and unique that’s why we are talking about this, so read below for Twitter founders Leak.

On 10th of this month, the news came out that researchers at Rift Recon found the Name, addresses, and Social Security numbers of a handful of staff at Twitter — past and present — have been leaked in underground internet (also called Hidden Internet.)

Researchers called out the name of Twitter co-founders whose details were leaked in underground Internet:

Their full 9-digit social security numbers were published online, along with the cell phone numbers, Date of Birth and previous postal addresses were published (In Some Cases.)

The Hint about why personal details were leaked came out from the leaked information title. According to the Title, info was leaked in retaliation for suspending a number of accounts on Twitter.

“Twitter suspended @doxbin for ‘excessive mentions’ and then refused to provide any support via the ticket system for the account. This is payback for @doxbin, @darklordofox, @nibxod, @doxbin_, @therealdoxbin.” it read.

As we said above, the information was not leaked on the open web, it was leaked on a Darknet site which is accessible anonymously through TOR and these sites you will not find on search engines like Google, Yahoo.

The Researchers at Rift Recon, who spotted this leak first said:
“This practice reduces the ability for you to find out that someone stole or leaked your Social Security Number on a carding forum or a Pastebin-like site: in this climate, only the bad guys know where to go.”

“The Darknet adds layers of complexity to anything related to discovery,” noting that the wider Darknet’s growth is “explosive,” researchers added.

According to a report, more than 600,000 sites exist on this Anonymous network and none of the website owner is traceable, means you are unable to trace┬áthe location of the owner, as well as the user of that website, That’s why it is called Anonymous Internet :)

I personally noticed, that most of the hackers regularly use this service to remain anonymous for this world.

SOURCE: Rift Recon



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