On 16 on this Month, hacker group named Rex Mundi claimed to hack the Domino’s Pizza database server and stole the details of more than 650,000 customers.

The compromised user details include Customer names, delivery addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords.

Hacker demanding Ransom:

The Hacker group demanding ransom of €30,000 ($40,590, £23,930) from Dominos to not release the data publicly .On 16, they threatened to release the data later, but it was was not released that day, and none of the update we found about the leak.
On an online paste service like pastebin, group said about the access to a customer database shared between Domino’s France and Domino’s Belgium.

Dear friends and foes,

Earlier this week, we hacked our way into the servers of Domino’s Pizza France and Belgium, who happen to share the same vulnerable database. And boy, did we find some juicy stuff in there! We downloaded over 592,000 customer records (including passwords) from French customers and over 58,000 records from Belgian ones. That’s over six hundred thousand records, which include the customers’ full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and delivery instructions. (Oh, and their favorite pizza topping as well, because why not).

According to a Belgian newspaper “De Standaard” report, Dominos has contacted all affected customers and no credit card information has been compromised.

Are you affected?

If you think your details are at Risk in this breach, so you should take the following steps:

  • Change your password immediately
  • If you are using the same password somewhere else, change that too
  • Choose a Strong Password between 8-15 Alphanumeric + Containing Special Characters.

Right now, the twitter account associated with Rex Mundi has been suspended by Twitter.



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